I like many loved to eat. Fast food, ice cream, oh and don't even get me started on the diet pop! My favorite diet was the Protein Power Plan where I could eat as much meat as I wanted! That was heaven, and I lost weight! Only to have to come back of course with the first carb I put into my mouth! Then the cancer came back. I decided it was time to take matters into my own hands. With the given life expectancy of two to five years, I figured I had to fight like never before. I decided to educate myself. With the help of wonderful loving friends and family, I read, watched, and listened to books, dvds, and advice. I learned about baking soda from my friend Vern at phkillscancer.com. I drew inspiration from his site about the health benefits of Qigong, Meditation, and of course, breathing. From the dvd Cancer vs. Diet, which I enduringly refer to as cancer for dummies, I learned that each and every one of us has cancer cells in our bodies, but eliminate those cells before they become a problem. That in itself gave me comfort. If people everyday are flushing out their cancer cells, what do I have to do to flush mine? Dr. Sherman does a great job in explaining how to do just that through diet. I learned all about turning cancer on and off with diet in Forks over Knives and The China Study. These media resources have convinced me to take on a Vegan Lifestyle. Since my cancer is estrogen positive, I decided to go the full route and give up not only the meat but also the dairy. Since sugar feeds cancer, I gave that up too, along with all the whites; white flour, white rice, etc. I eat pretty close to a whole plant based food diet eating organic as often as possible. I do however, eat a serving or two of fish a week. I know this is not accepted by "true vegans", but the fish feels right for me so it is something that I chose to do for myself at this time. A chiropractic doctor who is very knowlegable about supplementation, who is also a cancer survivor, has taught me that the key to everything starts with digestion. If the liver isn't working right, toxins including cancer cells cannot be flushed out. So I use a liver supplement. That's the key to all this folks, you have to do what's right for you. You have to be your own advocate. If you feel the right path for you is medical only, then that is what you should do. If you feel it's nutrition only, then go for it. I personally do a little medical and a lot of nutrition encompassing the mind, body, and spirit. Along with my vegan lifestyle (including fish), supplementation, qigong, meditation, and praying I do go along with what my doctor says, but only after I research it and make sure it's right for me. Educate yourself. Chose what's right for you. Hold on tight to your faith. And don't forget to breathe!!!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Navarro Clinic Results

I highly recommend Bill Hendersons Beating Cancer Gently book.  I reserved a copy from the local library.  It has some wonderful remedies that you can try to beat cancer, like the title of the book says, gently.  One of the most fascinating things I found in the book was the ability to check your cancer levels without the use of having to go to the doctor or give blood.  The Navarro Clinic in the Philippines does a dry urine sample for around $55.  The instructions and more information can be found by using the links located at the bottom of the blog page.  The test uses your urine to measure the amount of HCG your body has in it.  Turns out, most cancers give off the HCG hormone.  I was intrigued so I was debating on sending a sample to see what my numbers came back at.  A friend of mine told me she was invested in me and wanted to pay for the test.  We agreed to send it out on the same day that I was having blood work for my tumor markers.  The instructions for the urine test stated that I needed to stop my vitamin D supplementation 3 days prior to testing, so I did.  A week went by and I got the results of my tumor marker test from the blood work.  Two tumor marker tests were taken and the results were 27 and 25, down from my previous amount of 39 and 39.  This proved that my new lifestyle was working.   27 and 25 are within normal range!  A week later I received the Navarro test via email and my numbers came back a little higher than expected at 59.5.  49 and under indicates no cancer.  It wasn't high, but I was still disappointed, I was expecting/hoping for something within the normal range of 0-49!  I remembered about the Vitamin D and looked up my blood work.  My Vitamin D level was at an all time high of 112!  I emailed Dr. Efron from the clinic to see if that would have interfered with the test.  He said he didn't know but offered to test it again..for free!!  So I stopped the supplementation again, this time for a little over a week, sent another sample, and got a result of 53.5!  Vitamin D supplementation may have affected my test, or my body is continuing to heal itself.  Either way, the number dropped!  I feel that Dr. Efron is an honest man by the way he offered to not charge me for that second test.  There are a lot of people that don't have insurance for costly blood work, so this offers a nice alternative.  There are clinics in the States that do this type of testing, some more elaborate than others, but this was a very simple thing to do and I believe it to be authentic!